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WHAT YOU’LL SEE… are weeds that just don’t want to go away.  These problem weeds are typically growing on a vine that runs on the soil surface.  Often, you will notice that the initial starting point for growth is in your garden or flower bed, or may even be coming under the fence from a neighbor’s yard.  Ground Ivy (also known as creeping charley) has rounded, scalloped leaves about the size of a quarter.  Light blue to purple flowers bloom April to July.  Wild Violet leaves are dark green with a rounded, heart shaped look.  Flowers bloom from April to June and can be white, purple, yellow or a combination of all. Creeping Veronica loves moist soils where it’s oval, bright green leaves with scalloped edges do well.  Also known as Speedwell, this plant has tiny white flowers with lavender edges.  Clover comes in many shapes and sizes, but perhaps the most common is the White Clover.  The very familiar 3 leaflets and globe-like white flowers that are around from May to September are known to all.


THE REASON FOR THE PROBLEM… is that the growth habit of these plants allow them to be less susceptible to the common weed control products.  The ‘viney’ growth habit, small leaves do not permit very much herbicide to come in contact with the plant initially.  A thick waxy cuticle, then repels any herbicide that may come in contact with it.  Combined, these growth habits allow these plants to withstand normal applications of weed control products and thrive.


THE BEST WAYS TO CONTROL THESE PROBLEMS… is to keep your lawn growing healthy and strong.  Mow at the recommended heights and keep the lawn well watered.  The best defense against any kind of weed invasion is to have a healthy lawn.  Also, if the location of the “mother plant” can be determined, it should be killed and pulled out to prevent further re-infestation.


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