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Tree & Shrub Plant Healthcare

    Fruit Reduction

    Some trees can be injected to reduce fruiting. These trunk injections are usually performed in August so resul...


    Growth Regulators

    Growth Regulators Growth regulators can be applied to help in various situations. Reducing branch elongati...


    Disease Control

    Disease control isn't as simple as just applying fungicides to manage problems. If a company is always focused...


    Insect Control

    Tree & Shrub Insect Control No plant healthcare program is complete without some form of insect control. ...


    Deep Root Feeding

    Need better blooms, thicker growth or healthier leaves? Unlike our competitors we have the capability of diali...


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Annual flowers can introduce a serious fungus to your landscape!

Posted on: August 4, 2015

What you’ll see…is wilting leaves and dieback of branches, often one at a time or on one side of the tree. This can occur over a number of years, with remiss...

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