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Supplemental Nutrition

Trees that are planted in extreme conditions sometimes impede a tree from its natural ability to thrive. Whether its heavy clay soil defunct of any natural organic matter, high ph problems, construction problems during site work, water and drainage issues or problems related to girdling roots.

Pin Oaks are famous for not responding to traditional root feedings. At Contenders we are using state of the art injection products designed specifically for Pin Oak trees to quickly improve them within just weeks instead of months or years. The results are amazing yet some Pin Oaks respond in irregular patterns and may require repeated injects on a yearly basis to bring them back to their full health and vigor.

Supplemental Nutrition injections include many different types of products we carry depending on the tree and its condition. All products are either injected into the trunk directly, bypassing the roots, or in other cases have to be applied to the soil for root consumption.

Certain conditions call for us to inject fungicides into the soil with supplemental nutrition products so we can combat systemic issues in a very comprehensive way.


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