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Beech Bark Disease

Beech Bark Disease is a complex disease resulting from the interaction of sap-sucking insects, known as Beech Scale or Crytococcus fagisug and two species of fungi, Nectria coccinea var. faginata and Nectria galligen. Beech Bark Disease occurs when the feeding site of woolly Beech Scale is invaded by the fungus nectria coccinea var faginata. The fungus kills the bark and in the process, the insects. There are no satisfactory controls for the fungus. Control the disease by controlling the Scale, and or aggressive pruning of damaged and infected areas.

How we can help Beech Bark Disease

We have the ability to either trunk inject Beech trees or spray them with scale insecticides so the insect does not accelerate the disease cycle. We have had excellent control in wooded properties both in Northern Michigan and in Bloomfield neighborhoods. Feel free to request a quote.



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