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Red and White Roses

Roses have been predictable for some time now. They need good fertilization, systemic insect and disease control and proper pruning practices. Aside from the typical care it is important we share the newest disease sweeping through roses since 2013. Rose Rosette Disease.

Rose Rosette Disease is in Michigan and is causing some serious problems for those who have many in their landscape. The pictures below show how a Hybrid T Rose is surviving since being infecting in late 2013. Although no fungicides can control the disease we have been able to to keep the plant by out performing the disease’s destructive stage. The key is to fertilize once or twice a year using organic seaweed kelp combined with a systemic insecticide and soil fungicide. Insects transmit this disease so it is vital that a systemic insecticide is being used but second and maybe even most important is pushing the roots with the organic seaweed kelp combined with a soil fungicide. So long as we can limit the disease to just the top growth we seem to have kept the Rose alive and strong enough to continue performing. Pruning out infected stems is part of the ongoing care ensuring infected branches are removed. Infected branches can be observed as having prolific thorns on the stems. You must prune the stems before the flower parts turn acid torn. Allowing the flowers to become infected greatly increases the spread of the disease in the area because bees will inadvertently come in contact with disease spores and progress its spread.

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