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Organic Lawn Fertillizing

At Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialist’s we utilize Naturesafe Organics as the brand of choice for our client. Naturesafe is an all natural organic fertilizer that has met the low levels of Phosphate required by the State of Michigan thus making it the preferred product to use even near lakes and streams. Naturesafe is also approved for use on Certified Organic Farms by the USDA so you will have the confidence in knowing we are doing it right.

Many people are very interested in having organic fertilizers applied to their lawns and landscapes. But just what is meant by organic? And does everyone use the same definition? Unfortunately, not all lawn care services use the same definition when referring to organic fertilizers.

Using a strict chemistry definition, any molecule that has carbon in it is considered an organic molecule. Therefore, anything that contains carbon can, by this strict definition, be considered “organic”. That means, then, that every fertilizer currently applied is “organic” because they all contain carbon molecules in them. However, this is a deception that is highly unethical and misleading to the consumer.

When most people say they want an organic fertilizer, what they mean is that they want an all-natural or non-synthetic fertilizer. And there are many good fertilizers in the marketplace that qualify as “all-natural”. Most fertilizers in this class are made of poultry by-products or composted waste products. There is even research being done at MSU to create a lawn fertilizer from soybean byproducts.

There are also “natural-based” fertilizers. Since all-natural fertilizers are low in Nitrogen, there are times when a small amount of synthetic fertilizers are added to an all-natural to give a quicker greening ability.

One important thing to note about natural organic fertilizer is that they almost always contain phosphorus as a nutrient component. Therefore, if you are looking for a fertilizer to use near a waterway, natural organics may not be your best choice, since we typically want to be very careful about using fertilizer containing phosphorus near waterways.

So, as you are shopping about for your organic fertilizer, be sure to ask a few more questions. Is this an all-natural fertilizer, a natural-based fertilizer or a synthetic fertilizer? Don’t let confusing terms like “food-grade”, slow-release or anything else dissuade you from getting the truthful answers you deserve. A reputable service will be happy to tell exactly what they are using and what the differences between the products really are.

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