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White Pine Michigan

White Pines are beautiful fast growing trees with relatively few problems however when they start to decline they can die quickly mainly due to Nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic worms that can build up inside the tree eventually reaching the point where all water and nutrients are cut off from reaching the canopy. There are thousands of types of Nematodes with some being beneficial and some being destructive. When a pine tree dies nearby Sawyer beetles feed on the infected dying trees and then move on to feed on healthy ones thereby inadvertently transferring the nematodes around the area. It is very important that a dying White Pine be removed as soon as possible otherwise it becomes the next Typhoid Mary in the area where all other Pines can become infested from.

We are experts at saving Pine trees and have fine tuned our skills to the point where we understand when it is too late or when it is almost too late yet still close enough to possibly save an important tree. From Oakland County Michigan to Grayling and all the way up to Petosky we have been saving both White and Red Pine trees with such high confidence that we will provide a 50% money back guarantee if a tree still ends up dying within 1 year of our trunk injection. The injection product we use will last long enough to provide 3 year’s control. We have worked along the Ausable River and Jordan River saving Pines! For those up north in Grand Traverse County, Charlevoix County and Emmet County along Michigan’s beautiful Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix we will test the trees during the estimate to confirm they will uptake. Season are shorter up north and the windows can change rapidly which is why we will ensure your money isn’t wasted.

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