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Leaf Scorch

Leaf Scorch

Leaf Scorch

What you’ll see …are leaves of trees and shrubs that will turn from a pale yellow to brown, then curl. As the growing season progresses into late summer the leaves will begin to exhibit a burned or scorched appearance.  When a plant has been scorched the veins in its leaves remain green and the surrounding tissue between the veins turn brown and become brittle.

If your trees are suffering from leaf scorching, let us help!

The reason for the problem …occurs when something interferes with the trees complex process of water up take, and water loss.  The root system of a plant serves many purposes. Water up take is one purpose. As the root system absorbs water the plant balances taking in new water by loosing some water through the openings of the leaves and stems through a process known as transpiration.  Many factors can affect this balance; lack of soil moisture, oxygen, frost, soil compaction, too much water or too much salt.  One or more of these factors can cause roots not to function properly.  In these conditions roots can not replace water fast enough to keep up with what is lost through transpiration.

You should…check the soil around the roots of the plant at a depth of 3-6 inches to see if it’s too wet or too dry.

  • Increase landscape watering if too dry
  • Decrease landscape watering if too wet

We can help by… performing a deep root fertilization using slow-release tree fertilizers combined with a bio-stimulant and Mycorrizae. Bio-stimulants contain vitamins and hormones that will help aid in the plants recovery. Mycorrizae contain a naturally occurring fungus that attaches itself to the root system and helps the roots to take in more water and nutrients.

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