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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Ferilization

Contender’s offers Organic and/or Lakesafe fertilization

Knowing how to shop around and compare lawn fertilization companies is the first thing one needs to know especially when so many are calling and mailing their literature. See our “About Us” section to understand our business philosophy and how it relates to choosing how we treat our team and our clients. It’s not just about throwing down a product and calling it a day, it’s about supporting you to the very best of our ability!

Here is a list of some of the most important questions to ask yourself and/or the company:

1. Will they send out the same technician every time?

2. Will the granular fertilizer be blown off my drives and walks? It is a Michigan Law!

3. How much training time did they invest in their team this winter or were they laid off the entire time?

4. If you have crabgrass in the middle of summer will there be extra hidden charges to treat it?

5. Are their technicians allowed to adjust the rates of application based on what your lawn needs? Some companies have such low pricing that the managers have welded spreader settings to a low setting preventing their technicians from helping achieve the best results.

6. Do they have GPS tracking on every truck ensuring their techs are held accountable?

7. Every company commits to free service calls. Some use it for upselling extra things. Others just spray weeds. The Contender’s guarantee encompasses both fertilizer and weed re-treatments because we know our products being applied correctly will not fade in 3 weeks and although certain tough to control weeds may take longer we will see to it that results are making a difference.

8. Shop the total cost for service. Are they selling 7 or 8 applications because they apply it in lighter amounts? This is Michigan not Georgia! Rarely can one fit in more than 6 applications every 6 weeks without snow being in the way.

9. Are they including grub control and other insecticide applications as a part of their package? If so and the price is far less than a red flag should go up. Validate that they do use an insecticide when they say they do. Ask the techs to show you their product that is in their trucks.

10. Product downsizing is a tactic some may use to get their foot in the door. Recognize when you’re being told to buy more specialty products to improve your lawn or when they just can’t meet your expectation. Let the results prove they know what they’re doing without always committing to extra things. A few extra dollars per treatment may be providing you with a thorough service.

Download a copy of SOCWA’s Healthy Care Lawn Tips

Download a copy of SOCWA’s Guide to selecting a lawn service

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