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Lawn Aeration

Core Lawn Aeration Services

What Is It Lawn Aeration?

Core Lawn Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.  It is the process of making thousands of holes in the turf to open up the soil and break up thatch.  The core removed by the aerator “melt” into the lawn and immediately begins to improve thatch breakdown.

What Does It Do?

The root system of your lawn is constantly renewing itself by sending out new shoots.  This new growth needs loose and open soil.  If your lawn is compacted, has a lot of clay or is saturated with water, the new roots will stay near the surface or grow in the thatch layer.  Aeration breaks up compacted, heavy soils giving the roots a place to go.  Water penetration will be better and rooting will improve as well.

Who Should Get It And How Often?

Every lawn can benefit from Core Aeration.  It is suggested that a lawn be aerated at least every other year, but preferably every year.  There is no bad time to have your lawn aerated, as long as it has irrigation.  Fall is often mentioned as a “better” time only because of the high level of activity of the root system.


Will It Control Thatch?

Core Aeration brings cores of soil up from below the lawn’s surface.  We recommend that these cores be mowed back into the lawn.  By allowing these cores to mix back into lawn surface, the soil adds back microbial agents which are needed to control thatch.  This is not an immediate fix for a serious thatch problem, but is the best way to manage a thatch condition.


Power Raking/De-Thatching

Core Aeration is often suggested as an alternative to power raking or “de-thatching”.  We do not recommend these damaging processes.  Power raking pulls as much or more good healthy grass out of the lawn along with the brown blades.  This sets a lawn back several weeks from normal development.  All those brown blades are not thatch, either!  Those blades will decompose all by themselves in 6-8 weeks.  Thatch is an underground network of roots, rhizomes and blades that form a dense mat.  The only way power raking will remove real thatch is to set the machine all the way down to the soil and remove all of your lawn.

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