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Spider Mites


Spider Mites are very hard to spot with the naked eye. It is best to tap the leaves over  piece of paper and then wipe your hand across the paper to smear any tiny insects that are hard to see. Spider mites will smear in three colors; Red, Brown and Greenish-brown. If you do observe bright red Spider Mites scurrying across the paper or on a patio these are predator mites that are beneficial insects. As predators they are working hard to consume the plant damaging spider mites that are present. Some have witnessed red spider mites all around a house wall and even coming inside the home. These are known as Clover Mites which are also beneficial predators although they can be considered a nuisance when coming through the window joints thereby crawling around your kitchen counter tops. Sometimes the best thing to do in these situations is to add a 6″ mulch strip between your lawn and the home’s foundation. Amazingly, this works great but when there are patios and other challenges you may need to have a pest control company treat your home’s perimeter. If so, Call Contenders since we are also licensed to handle those needs as well.

Spider mite control is easy to perform but results can be much more difficult during high temperatures. Spider mites hatch every 7-10 days in 90 degree weather. We use both contact miticides (adult mite control) and ovicides (designed to control the eggs themselves).

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