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Management of weeds within landscape beds requires a multi-faceted approach using scientific expertise to control weeds without just throwing hard work and labor costs at the same reoccurring problems every week.

Contender’s Tree & Lawn Specialist’s knows this and understands the need to reduce extensive labor costs while also meeting prompt service requirements especially during rainy periods when most landscape companies fall behind schedule. Here is how Contender’s can make the worst of situations manageable and successful for you.

  1. We have state-of-the-art sophisticated computer software allowing us to quickly identify the properties that are in need of service based on real time data that is collected daily.
  2. Our knowledge and identification of weed species helps us customize the right products for your property as the season evolves. Whether we identify annuals, bi-annuals or perennials you can feel comfortable knowing we will employ the best solution throughout the season. Spraying round-up all season long won’t suffice with us!
  3. If a company was hired to pull weeds the previous year we will expect a bumper crop of bi-annual weeds in April already as the snow melts and a flush of annual weeds in late spring and early summer. Our goal is to keep killing the weed population that was so aggressive during the pulling routine from a season ago. Normally we always see a flush of weeds after a 1” rainfall but for this first season it may only take just .5” to cause the same re-growth but bear with us as we knock down the high population of seeds in the soil.

It takes a team effort so we’ll need your help with the following:

  1. Sunlight and Water are all it takes for rapid weed growth to occur.
    1. Keep the landscape beds mulched with 2-3” of mulch annually.
    2. Prevent over irrigation of landscape beds by shutting off system for 2-3 days after a heavy rain event.
    3. Only irrigate landscapes 2 times a week for 3-5 min/zone
    4. If you have annual flowers, adjust lawn zones to overlap and water them daily instead of soaking the entire landscape zone.
  2. If you do pull weeds please discard them so they don’t regenerate in the beds or lawns!
  3. Grasses are the most persistent problems during the season so we advise everyone to try and keep grass clippings out of the beds when mowing. Cleaning up the bed edges twice a year helps maintain a clean and well-manicured property. Contender’s does not provide this service.

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