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Fire Blight

Fire Blight

Fire Blight

WHAT YOU’LL SEE…is that the young shoots appear dead and burnt. Many young branches will bend and resemble an upside down “J”, a common symptom of this disease. Others will simply appear brown at the terminal end of the branch.

THE REASON FOR THE PROBLEM…is a bacterial disease. The fact that it is a bacterium and not a fungal disease makes it very different than the majority of ornamental problems. Fireblight will progress into the older wood and causes cankers (open sores) which is where the disease over-winters. Susceptible plants can be killed over a period of three – five years due to the severity of this disease.

THE BEST WAYS TO CONTROL THIS PROBLEM…is to remove and destroy all infected branches and twigs. It is best to actually burn the branches, if possible. Prune the tree in dry weather and disinfect the pruners after each cut with a 10% bleach mixture.

OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO YOU…include fall deep root fertilization of the tree. Maintaining the best plant health possible without a burst of growth in the spring will help prolong the life of the tree.

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