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Bronze Birch Borer


Birch Leaf Miner

WHAT YOU’LL SEE… is that the leaves on your Birch Tree are turning brown. Upon closer inspection, you will see that a small worm is eating out the inside of the leaf. Some leaf drop may occur. It is not uncommon for there to be two to three generations of this pest each season.

THE REASON FOR THE PROBLEM… is the larvae of a sawfly insect known as the Birch Leaf Miner. The adults deposit eggs in the mid-spring season which hatch in 7-10 days. After feeding on the Birch leaves for about 10-15 days, the larvae will cut a hole in the leaf surface and drop to the ground, pupate into the adult sawfly, and the life cycle begins again.

THE BEST WAYS TO CONTROL THIS PROBLEM… is to keep the tree growing vigorously with proper fertilization and adequate water in the summer. A Birch tree that is not healthy and growing will not be able to withstand repeated generations of Leaf Miner for very long. Deep root feeding combined with a systemic insecticide will provide year-long control. Without a preventive program, nearly all Birch trees will experience some level of damage.

Bronze Birch Borer

WHAT YOU’LL SEE… is the top portion of the tree is dying or has died. Unfortunately, by the time most people notice a problem, most of the damage as been done.

THE REASON FOR THE PROBLEM… is the larvae of a beetle known as the Bronze Birch Borer. The larvae enter the trunk of tree and tunnel through the soft wood of the tree in a zig zag pattern. This disrupts the water and nutrient vascular system of the tree. When the tree cannot get water and nutrients to a branch, it will die.

THE BEST WAYS TO CONTROL BRONZE BIRCH BORER… is to prune out the damaged branches all the way back to where tunneling can be observed. Once the vascular system has been damaged, it rarely will recover. Proper fertilization and adequate watering are critical to keeping the plant healthy and growing.

Depending on the severity of the problem, it may be recommended that your tree receive trunk injections with a systemic insecticide that immediately controls borers within 2 hours and will continue to protect your tree for the entire season. This technique allows the material to go right where the pest is feeding and achieve maximum control.

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