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Our professional team utilizes scientific means to enrich and protect beautiful lawns and landscapes through the use of premium products that exceed our client’s expectations.



2015  – Stonycroft Country Club – Injecting pines throughout Golf Course

2015  – North American International Auto Show

2014  – Private residence in Detroit, MI where 7 Palm trees were injected for scale and controlled for the first time. Sprays were not successfully ridding the problem.

2014  – Donation to MSU Hort Dept to care for “The Clarence E. Lewis Arboretum” at Michigan State University. Also injected Austrian Pines at Arboretum to control Diplodia Tip Blight.

2013  – Private residence injecting a sycamore to protect from Anthracnose that was grafted from George Washington’s estate in Virginia and brought to White Lake, MI.

2012  – Indianwood Golf & Country Club for 2012 Senior Open. Arborist consultation.

2012  – Masonic Temple in Farmington Hills, MI where we injected a 170 year old Austrian Pine for Diplodia Tip Blight. The oldest pine to date we have ever injected.

2012-2015 – Working at Grayling, MI private residence injecting Red Pines along the Ausable River to control borers and Nematodes. Restoration project complete without loosing a single pine.

2008-Present  – Contender’s chosen to care for lawn & landscape at the Somerset Collection, Troy, MI. Also selected to care for landscape at Domino Farms in Ann Arbor, MI.

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