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Our professional team utilizes scientific means to enrich and protect beautiful lawns and landscapes through the use of premium products that exceed our client’s expectations.

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  • Contenders Tree & Lawn Specialist is the epitome of exellent service at an affordable price. I have been using their lawn care service for several years now and my lawn couldn't look any better....
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    Bob Rogers
  • We moved into our home a few years ago and the previous owner had let the entire lawn die. I spent the next 2 years spending more money and hours than I want to think about on store bought fertilizers, treatments, and spreaders. I still had a number of issues with deadspots and weeds and was complet...
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    Matthew Malkowski
  • The Farmington Masonic Hall has a 100 + year old Norwegian Pine Tree that was dieing from a fungus. Contender's specialists injected the Tree last fall and theTree is improving with new growth this Spring. Thank you Contenders forsaving a valuable landmark in the City of Farmington....
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    Farmington Masonic Hall
    City of Farmington
  • I would HIGHLY recommend Contender's Tree & Lawn to my family and friends. The company and staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We were doing our own lawn fertilizing and thought it was the least expensive route -- we were wrong! Contender's provided comprehensive lawn care a...
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    Deb Gordinier

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Annual flowers can introduce a serious fungus to your landscape!

What you’ll see…is wilting leaves and dieback of branches, often one at a time or on one side of the tree. This can occur over a number of years, with remission symptoms in some years, or can rapidly progress to plant death in a year or two. Other symptoms ...


Lawn Ferilization

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